Oliver Peoples Glasses

Founded by brothers Larry & Dennis Leight, Oliver Peoples is a renowned brand that opened up its first boutique in 1986. With a passion to meet eyewear’s needs, brothers brought up their first collection of vintage American-made eyewear from optical companies, including Bausch & Lomb. They gained immense popularity with their first super-iconic glasses collection, including rimless and metal frames, namely, clip-on metal sunglasses of Bausch & Lomb and American Optical, which gave a huge lift to their growth. It is said that the brand got its name with the first purchase made by brothers that include a receipt signed under the name “Oliver Peoples.” That was the moment when they realized to design an eyewear collection. Hence, in 1987, Oliver Peoples glasses collection was introduced as a wholesale, and the brand emerged as a great platform to explore glasses crafted with perfection, care, and accuracy.  

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