Tips To Buy Sunglasses Online For Men And Women

Feb 17th 2021

Sunglasses are one of the most important fashion accessories these days. Many individuals are fond of creating collections of sunglasses. When it comes to buying the Porsche design sunglasses, then everyone has two major options, such as - online sources and local market. The online shopping option is trending the most due to several benefits, additional services, and facilities.

Buying sunglasses online is not similar to local market sources. Here, the interested ones have to focus on some tips by which they can simplify selecting the right option.

Key Tips

Frame Size

In the case of sunglasses, the most important thing is fitting. If you do not pick the sunglasses according to the right frame size, it may lead to several problems, such as - improper appearance, uncomfortable conditions, etc. The selection of the frame size completely depends on the individual’s face size. Mainly, there are three main sizes of sunglasses available in the market.

  • Medium Small
  • Medium
  • Medium Large

Sometimes, the individuals may not get clarity with the pre-decided size terms. Here, you can focus on all the basic factors for sizing, like - bridge size, eye size, temple size, and frame size. These four sizes can help you in figuring out the complete dimensions of sunglasses perfectly. You should not make the mistake of avoiding the sizing factor. You need to inspect everything deeply and pick the right one only.

Face Shape

The selection of sunglasses is also affected by the shape of the face. You cannot consider the same sunglass shape or size for all types of faces. In case you do not pick the sunglasses by paying attention to the face size, the selected product may not look better on your face and enhance your appearance. The types/shapes of faces are -

  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Square
  • Oblong
  • Round
  • Diamond
  • Base Down Triangle

While choosing the best Christian Dior sunglasses, you have to keep these shapes in mind. Firstly, you have to figure out your face’s shape and then pick the best product accordingly.

Frame Material

Frames of sunglasses are manufactured with the use of different types of materials. The selection of sunglass frame material plays a big role in comfort.

  • Metal
  • Polycarbonate
  • Acetate
  • Plastic
  • Titanium
  • Nylon

These are some major options of materials that you can find while choosing a sunglass. The functionality and safety of a sunglass are completely dependent on the material type.

Lens Material

Another important thing in a sunglass is the lens. There is a huge variety of lenses available in the market. Mainly, there are three types of lenses considered the most.

  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate
  • Optical

All types of lenses have different benefits and drawbacks. If you pick the sunglass with acrylic lenses, it is an inexpensive material and provides proper clarity. Polycarbonate lenses are virtually indestructible but highly vulnerable to scratches. The optical lenses are one of the most expensive ones. These lenses are polished with a specific coating that prevents vision distortion and makes them durable and scratch-free.

Lens Coating

Some individuals mix the concept of lens coating and material. In reality, both things are completely different. When it comes to choosing a coating, then you have two options.

  • UV
  • AR

By choosing the UV coating, you can easily protect your eyes from ultra-violet rays. These sunglasses are highly preferred if you stay in the open environment more where UV rays may directly contact your eyes.

However, if you spend lots of time in front of the monitors and used to work for long, it is good to consider the AR coating. It is the anti-reflective coating by which you can keep the vision safe.

Lens Technology

No matter whether you are choosing sunglasses for women or men, you have to check out lens technology.

  • Polarized lenses
  • Gradient lenses
  • Double gradient lenses
  • Photochromatic lenses

These are four major types of lens technology that you can find in the market. All types of lenses have some specific features. You should pick one as per your requirements.

Final Words

By paying attention to all these things, you can understand how to choose the right sunglasses online for men or women. At The Luxury City, you can pick the best one from a big collection of sunglasses.